Before listing your Methow Valley home, staging is a great first step. Staging a home is about more than just making a nice presentation. A showroom ready home will help the buyer visualize living there and can fetch a higher price for the seller. In addition, a well staged home will likely sell faster. Here are a few tips for staging your Methow Valley home.

    1. 1. Cleaning and removing clutter are a must. Purging and cleaning are the most important task and will make the home feel bigger. Remove as much of your personal touches as possible. What you like may not be to someone else’s taste. Don’t remove everything though and find a balance between empty and “lived-in”. Once all the clutter is in storage make sure to do a deep cleaning to the entire house. Every surface should sparkle. Hiring a professional is an option for those who are not up to the task.


    1. 2. Aim for a light and bright style that highlights natural beauty. Buyers love to see bright rooms and natural light. Open blinds or curtains before showings and select the right light bulbs to brighten darker spaces. Buyers think natural beauty when looking in the Methow Valley, so place couches or sofas facing the windows to highlight the view.


    1. 3. Rank each living space and divide your time accordingly. Generally the living area, kitchen, and master bedroom rank top three. Consider your home’s unique features as well and don’t neglect any special areas. Often buyers plan to move from more populated cities to the Methow Valley and staging can help put their mind at ease for the upcoming transition. Here in Winthrop, WA and Mazama we experiences all 4 seasons. Rural living in a dynamic climate often demands some level of self reliance and a clean organized garage, shop, and/or workspace will be higher on the list of importance than in an urban home.


  1. 4. Don’t forget curb appeal and outdoor spaces. First impressions are certainly important and removing any additional outdoor work for a buyer goes a long way in the Methow Valley. Minor refreshing like a fresh coat of paint or wood treatment can make a huge difference. Keep up with yard maintenance and plant some blooming flowers if weather is permitting. If you have a front porch, a welcome mat and potted plants make an inviting entryway. Any outdoor living spaces should also be cleaned and furnished lightly.


When the home is all done and looking great, some finishing touches will put the icing on the cake. Fresh flowers, a few folded blankets and towels, and a bowl of fruit is an inviting sight for a buyer. The summer heat has arrived and with it an influx of summer vacationers visiting the Methow Valley. It's a wonderful time to roll up your sleeves in the cool summer mornings or evenings and focus on your beautiful Methow Valley home.