The month of January 2022 has come to a close and the Methow Valley real estate market reports are in. The Methow Valley real estate market reports for January 2022 includes, active, sold and pending units within the scenic Methow Valley. Last month, inventory remained low while demand remained high and we saw the fierce sellers market of 2021 seemingly spilling into 2022. As some expected, the serene Methow Valley remains a highly sought after real estate market and interest in owning a slice of paradise surrounded by the stunning North Cascades is still very strong. It appears, sellers can continue to enjoy a strong sellers market with few competitors in the arena. However, if buyers are struggling to find properties, a bit of patience and persistence will allow time for new properties come on the market and with new properties come new opportunities. 


Additional specific information about our special community including the cities of Mazama, Winthrop Washington, Twisp, Carlton and Methow and neighborhoods including Wolf Creek, Edelweiss, Lost River, Pine Forest, Rendezvous, Twin Lakes, Twisp River Rd, Twisp South, Winthrop South, Winthrop West, Twisp-Winthrop Rd., Twisp-Carlton Rd., East Chewack and West Chewack is also available upon request. Be sure to visit methowrealestateservices.com and contact Realtor Mary today.


The above graph depicts the past 15 months and the Methow Valley Real Estate Sales year in review.  The status types for this month are all status types including land and homes that are sold, pending, and active listings in Methow Valley including Winthrop, Washington, Mazama, Twisp, Carlton and all the beautiful Methow Valley.  


Methow Valley Real Estate For Sale in January 2022: 27 Units.


Down 40% compared to the homes and land for sale last month.


Down 32.5% compared to the last year.


Methow Valley Homes and Land Sold in January 2022: 16 units.


Up 6.7% compared to the last month.


Up 6.7% compared to the last year.


Methow Valley Real Estate Placed Under Contract in January 2022: 13 units.


Up 44.4% compared to the last month.


Down 7.1% compared to the last year.


The data presented is based on information from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, (statistics not compiled or published by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service). The statistics provided incorporates residential homes in Methow Valley. The diverse and unique communities that make up beautiful Methow Valley trending from the northern to southern regions include: Lost River, East Chewack, West Chewack, Mazama, Edelweiss, Rendezvous, Wolf Creek, Winthrop West, Winthrop Washington, Winthrop South, Twin Lakes, Pine Forest, Twisp - Winthrop County Rd., Twisp, Twisp River Rd., Twisp South, Twisp - Carlton County Road, Carlton and Methow.