North Cascades Highway 20 Late Re-opening 2017

Highway 20, North Cascades Highway may not look like there is a lot of snow on it, but up at the hair pin curves there is 25 feet of snow in places and 35 to 45 feet in the avalanche chutes this spring in Methow Valley 2017. This means we may see one of the latest openings to the highway in 45 years.  Going down the road and feeling bad about this news?  This unique situation can provide avid road cyclists a rare opportunity to enjoy the paved road less traveled for an extended season with less cars on the highway. Visitors and tourists can also enjoy a very serene Methow Valley experience. As it gets harder and harder to find those quiet peaceful spots in the world, the Methow Valley will be far less crowded this spring and early summer.  Less danger of fires and lots of water for the streams and rivers is also a big benefit to the large snow pack up in the high mountains of the North Cascades.

Don't believe the highway will re-open this late?  Here is the history page of the highway openings and reopenings Because of the extreme avalanche danger note that the start of the work to re-open the highway will not begin until April 10, 2017.  That is close to when the highway has been opened in the past. The prediction here is that we may not be open for 49er's Day Parade and even the popular camping holiday over Memorial Weekend.  This late opening has not happened for 45 years so come and enjoy this rare moment in the exciting Methow Valley, just a great place to live. To keep up on the progess and news updates for the highway visit