Spring has sprung in Methow Valley.  This spring 2017 the North Cascades Highway shall open as early as tomorrow May 16, 2017. Inventory will build and sales will start to increase as they do in most real estate markets across the nation and The Methow Valley.

Here is the market report for May 2017 for Methow Valley Real Estate:


Methow Valley Real Estate Sales Reports Spring 2017











































Sales Reports The last fifteen months of Methow Valley Real Estate sales reports right here!

The reports for sales in the Methow Valley for homes, land, and commercial looking back over the past fifteen months shows decreases in sales in April, but inventory remains on a decline. Factors unique to Methow Valley that may be effection our real estate market include late opening of the North Cascades Highway to the Northwest, the washout of the Highway 20 heading over to Loup Loup Pass and closing that portion of access to valley indefinitely, and new water well certifications one must obtain in order to get a building permit on vacant land. Take advantage of great free Methow Valley Real Estate Services by signing up for an account and or contacting me today. 


Methow Valley Real Estate For Sale in April 2017: 232 units.

• Down 5.7% compared to the last month

• Down 18.9% compared to the last year


Methow Valley Real Estate Sold in April 2017: 9 units.

• Down 35.7% compared to the last month

• Down 47.1% compared to the last year


Methow Valley Real Estate Placed under Contract in April 2017: 17 units.

• Up 6.3% compared to the last month

• Up 6.3% compared to the last year

The data presented is based on information from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, (statistics not compiled or published by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service). The statistics provided incorporates residential home, land, and commercial property types in Methow Valley. The diverse and unique communities that make up beautiful Methow Valley trending from the northern to southern regions include: Lost River, East Chewack, West Chewack, Mazama, Edelweiss, Rendezvous, Wolf Creek, Winthrop West, Winthrop Washington, Winthrop South, Twin Lakes, Pine Forest, Twisp - Winthrop County Rd., Twisp, Twisp River Rd., Twisp South, Twisp - Carlton County Road, Carlton and Methow. Check out the complete report at www.methowrealestateservices.com/saled.html .