Winthrop Washington Christmas At The End Of The Road

Holiday season is here again in beautiful Winthrop Washington. Rumor has it Santa is coming to town and best of all is our Winthrop Washington Fireworks Display.

Now popular Christmass At The End Of The Road did not always start out this way. I remember about 25 years ago taking the kids to this new event and putting their names in for all the raffles generously offered by the local shop owners. We also noted we were pretty much the only attendees. In short order we received call after call, " congratulations you won the raffle" alerting us about how the kids had won this amazing prize and that amazing gift. We were the luckiest winners in the town, all because we stumbled upon the festivities on our way home. Now the festival is jammed packed with attendees thank goodness. My favorite part of Christmass At The End Of The Road is the fireworks. They are amazing. Showtime is 6pm on Saturday evening. Not wanting to be in a crowd? Stay away from downtown along the fringes and up the West Chewach. Want to be in the thick of it? Head straight for downtown Winthrop Washington, but you shall need to park and walk as the streets are usually closed down for the party.

Boy Winthrop knows how to do things right, we do not have to wait until 10:30 pm for it to get dark, like 4th of July, and the show is not a 5 minute teaser. This fireworks display will have your neck getting tired from looking up to aaaahhhs and oooohhhs as you keep thinking that must be the finale, but hang on you probably have twice the time you just watched to go.

Really impressive display! Hope to see you there in the thick of it.

Start Time 6pm Saturday November 24, 2018.