Loup Loup Ski Bowl

Loup Loup Ski Bowl Big Chair broke early Wednesday moring before anyone got on the chair lift and started skiing. The part is being sought after, but alas there will be no big chair operations this weekend of March 2 and 3, 2019. The hardworking ski patrol volunteers took this oportunity to practice repelling off the chair lift by having a willing victim climb up the chair and then get repelled off with ropes. Great idea gang. Many skiers went over to the little poma and had some fun on the short little poma run. All the nordic trails are groomed too. 

Meanwhile the Methow Valley Sports Trails are in fantastic shape for late winter early spring in Winthrop, Wa, Mazama and Sun Mountain too.  Heading out early in the moring is a good idea because as the temperatures rise above 32 degrees on sunny days and the stronger sun starts to beam down on the meadows you may find the snow to be a bit sticky. Glide wax is a great idea to have in your ski pack along with sun screen. Heading out later in the day, you may want to consider forested trails away from the warmer snow in the meadows and or heading up to Sun Mountain where the elevation is higher and there is lots of forested terrain.